Dog-Friendly Holidays in the Malvern Hills

Did you know that Saturday 26th August marks National Dog Day? We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to focus this month’s blog on our canine companions! We know our guests love to travel with their four-legged friends, so we’ve put together the best tips on travelling with a dog and our favourite dog-friendly walks close to Swallowfields. Keep reading to find out more…

Dog-Friendly Holidays in the Malvern Hills

How to Travel Safely with Your Dog

Taking your dog on holiday with you can help make your trip feel complete – you’re not leaving a member of the family behind! Travelling with a dog can be a big task, so it’s a good idea to be prepared for the journey and the holiday before you leave. In order to have a safe and stress-free holiday with your pup, we’d suggest considering the following things:

  • Is your dog a confident traveller? Will travelling a long distance distress them?
  • Do you have a suitable pet seatbelt, car harness, dog guard or crate?
  • Are there places to stop for regular toilet breaks with easy access to food and water?
  • Have you packed familiar items that smell of home, such as a blanket or toy?
  • Is there a freezer for raw meat diets and have you packed enough food for the duration of your stay, just in case you can’t buy it locally?
  • Is your holiday accommodation not only dog-friendly, but do they welcome dogs?
  • Does your accommodation offer any provisions for dogs (e.g., a bed, food bowl, treats) and is there a secure space where they can be let off the lead?
  • Is your dog microchipped and up to date with vaccinations?
  • Is there an emergency vets nearby?

Our Top 5 Dog-Friendly Walks in the Malvern Hills

The Malvern Hills are a beautiful green oasis of nature and tranquillity, so it’s no wonder our guests love walking their four-legged friends nearby. There are countless dog-friendly routes to embark upon close to Swallowfields, so you don’t have to venture too far away from our glamping site. We’re recommending our top five favourite walks for you and your canine companion to enjoy…

1) Wildflower meadow path at Swallowfields

Swallowfields is home to a magnificent wildflower meadow full of life and colourful flowers. It’s outlined by a mown path, which is the perfect size for walks for very young or very old dogs who only need a small amount of exercise.

Our glamping site is also located down a quiet country lane which doesn’t see much traffic, so a walk down the lane can also be a great place to take your pup for a walk. You’ll be met with scenes of picture-perfect meadows and quaint smallholdings.

2) Castlemorton Common

The expansive Castlemorton Common is accessible directly from our glamping site via a pretty wildflower meadow and bridle path. Due to its status as public land, the common has long been used to let animals graze, and many rare species of plants have appeared here. It’s a wild area which is fun for both you and your dog to explore. Do remember to keep your dog on their lead around the cattle and sheep which roam freely and to follow the countryside code.

3) The Malvern Hills

With unrivalled panoramic views and a varied terrain of grass, gravel, and earthy paths beloved by dogs, a walk in the Malvern Hills is an exciting adventure for both you and your furry friend. Starting at the British Camp car park, less than a 10-minute drive from Swallowfields, and heading up past the Malvern Hills Hotel, your walk will take you across four peaks and their contours in the majestic Malvern Hills. The route takes you past The Chase Inn, which is a great dog-friendly pub to stop off at if you get peckish.

Just south of the British Camp is the Gullet Quarry, another great spot to visit with your furry friend. Accessible via a 6-minute drive or 45-minute walk from Swallowfields, there are various routes you could take for your walk. You could venture along the common, up to the Malvern Hills and along the ridge, or alternatively over towards Eastnor Castle and into the grounds.

4) Eastnor Deer Park

Located less than a 10-minute drive from Swallowfields is Eastnor Deer Park, an Outstanding Area of Natural Beauty sitting across the road from Eastnor Castle. It’s free to visit and you’ll find yourself surrounded by 300 acres of parkland with views of Eastnor Castle and the Malvern Hills. Walks through Eastnor Deer Park are largely on tarmac paths of varying lengths, so they’re easily accessible. The park boasts The Woodshed café, a lovely spot to take the weight off your feet and refuel with a range of hot and cold drinks and tasty treats. They even sell Waggy Doggy Ice Cream, so your pup can enjoy a post-walk treat, too!

5) Mill Pond, Golden Valley

A 30-minute walk or short 4-minute drive from Swallowfields will find you at Mill Pond in the Golden Valley. The duck pond is a lovely spot to start your walk. You’ll then walk up to Hollybush Church where you can admire incredible scenic views. The perfect place to finish up your walk is in a cosy corner of The Farmers Arms for a warming fireside pub lunch and a glass of wine.

If you want to discover more about dog-friendly experiences in the Malvern Hills, head to the Visit the Malverns website.

Pawsome Dog-friendly Stays at Swallowfields

If you’re looking for a staycation fit for a furry king or queen, look no further than Swallowfields. Located in the heart of the Malvern Hills, our safari lodges sit in a large wildflower meadow, have secure boundaries (ideal for letting your dog off the lead) and a deck for them to relax and watch the days go by. We provide a dog spa station for a spa bath after muddy walks, and a pet pack with a comfy bed, blanket, towel, bowls and treats. Autumnal stays at Swallowfields are particularly magical and make the perfect dog-friendly escapes. As we say goodbye to the summer months, the weather isn’t quite as hot, and it’s much more enjoyable for our friends who can’t take their fur coats off. The hills are also much quieter once the school holidays are over and the kids have gone back to school, making it a tranquil oasis for a peaceful walk with your dog. So, what are you waiting for? Book your autumnal dog-friendly stay at Swallowfields today!


    Malvern has long been associated with healthy living, ever since it originated as a spa town. Many benefits have been linked to its spring water, as well as people. Charles Darwin, Queen Victoria and Florence Nightingale are all said to have enjoyed its therapeutic qualities.

    It’s a legacy that’s lived right on to this day and one we wholeheartedly embrace. Not only are we fortunate to be nestled at the foot of the Malvern Hills, we live and breathe nature and its many benefits.

    There’s no pounding the treadmill at Swallowfields, just beautiful walks with wonderful vistas provided by nature. Come visit our retreat and enhance your wellbeing in the best way for you, from reading a book and taking naps in your own hammock to cooking on a campfire and enjoying spa treatments. Our world awaits you…

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    Nothing beats a great family break! When you laugh so much your sides hurt and enjoy yourself so much, you’re thinking, talking (and giggling) about it for many weeks to come.

    Swallowfields is geared up for families. You’ll find that all of our safari lodges, which easily sleep six people, are located on a child-friendly site. There are also plenty of things for the whole family to see and do too.

    Take a wander in our lovely wildflower meadow, toast marshmallows on the camp fire, explore the Malvern Hills and beyond and check out our Adventure Castle and Nature Hideout! You can even bring the dog too!

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    You just bring yourself, we’ll point you in the direction of the action! And there’s lots of it!

    Maybe you want to challenge yourself and try something different, like paddleboarding or kayaking, or perhaps you want to practice your favourite hobby, such as mountain biking or hiking?

    There are lots of things to do all around Swallowfields and, when you’re back at your lodge, there’s a relaxing hot tub waiting for you.

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    We’re animal-lovers here at Swallowfields and we understand that your dog is a big part of your family, so why leave them behind?

    They’ll be right at home in our pet-friendly safari lodges. There’s oodles of room for them, their bed, bowls and fave toy! All that we ask, is that you keep them on a lead when walking around on-site and don’t leave them unattended.

    For just £25 per dog, per stay*, you can make sure the entire family get their hands (and paws) on our wonderful glamping experience! Oh, and don’t forget to ask us about our complimentary doggie essentials pack too!

    * Maximum of two dogs per lodge

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