Please take a minute to read our Terms & Conditions which outline our obligations to you & your responsibilities to us.


To make your booking request, the lead or registered booker (the lead booker) must be over the age of eighteen and have the authority of all persons in your party to book on their behalf. The lead or registered booker providing credit/debit card details agrees that they will be personally liable for any loss or damage caused by any member of their party or animal accompanying the party.  Our contract continues until the last member of the party has left Swallowfields, and any monies owed are paid in full.

The lead booker will need to complete the Booking Form either on the website using the booking system or by email communication. Please ensure that all party members read and understand these Terms and Conditions before submitting your booking request. On completion of the Booking Form, the lead booker is declaring that the information provided is accurate. Provisional bookings made by telephone will be cancelled after 7 days if not confirmed in writing with a deposit or booked online. We accept no responsibility for mistakes made when booking and paying a deposit over the telephone, so please make sure you check your confirmation carefully once received.  We require a 30% non-refundable deposit to secure your booking. Please note that you and all your party members agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions by submitting a booking request.


Our acceptance of your booking request is at our absolute discretion and will only occur once a deposit has been received, and we issue an email confirming your booking, subject to these terms.  At this point, a Contract shall come into existence between you and us on these Terms and Conditions.


You will pay us the price of your break as set out online when you submit your booking request.  Prices include VAT at the current prevailing rate.  The price includes:

  • Your accommodation for the maximum number of guests we indicate; and
  • Any other amenities or services described as included in the price of your break in the information provided on our website

Prices do not include any additional services, features or facilities unless they have been specifically included as part of a promotion to your booking. Other services, features and facilities (such as cycle hire, treat boxes and spa treatments etc.) and details of how to book them can be found on our website.  Additional charges may apply for these such services, features and activities.  Please note that an additional separate agreement may be required with activities booked with one of our external partners.

Price adjustments, promotions and discounted offers are introduced at our discretion and are subject to availability.  Offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or discounted offer and may be withdrawn at any time before the Contract being formed.


If you place your booking for more than 8 weeks before the start date of your holiday, we will request a 30% deposit per short break/week.  The balance of the total payment will be due 8 weeks before the start date of your holiday.  For all bookings received within 8 weeks of your holiday start date, full payment is due at booking.

If we do not receive full payment from you by the due date, we will treat this as a cancellation of the booking, and you will forfeit the total cost of any payments made to date.

Payment for bookings can be made by Debit or Credit Card, either online or over the telephone.

You will be required to pay for all items on your honesty shop open tab before you leave.

No refund will be given against reduction of dates booked or early departure.

Cancellation and changes to your booking

Once your booking has been confirmed, minor changes will not incur a charge. However, excessive amendments could incur a £25 administration charge. Amendments to your booking are unable to be made upon arrival.  If you want to cancel your booking, you must notify us as soon as possible and confirm this in writing.  Provided written notice of cancellation is received by us not less than 8 weeks before your holiday’s start date only the deposit will be forfeited.  If we receive less than 8 weeks notice, you will be liable to pay the total cost of the holiday including any extras or unrecoverable commitments made by us to third parties connected with your pre-booked activities and events.

We reserve the right to cancel your holiday.  In the unlikely event of us having to cancel your holiday (except where you have failed to make full payment on time), we will offer you the choice of a full refund of all monies paid to us or the option of re-booking your holiday.  Please note that any refunds due can only be made to the original payment method.

We regret we cannot offer refunds or compensation in the event of a cancellation or alterations due to force majeure.  Force majeure is defined as war, the threat of war, riot, civil strife, industrial dispute, strike, lock-out, government action, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, flood and adverse weather conditions.

Arrival and departure

Your Spa Lodge will be available from 4 pm on the agreed date of arrival.  Check-in is between 4 pm and 6 pm unless previously arranged.

Upon your arrival, drive through the white entrance gate and park up in the layby on the left opposite the office and give us a beep. Here you will be greeted and shown to the car park and to your spa lodge.

We reserve the right to re-let accommodation if you have not been in contact and have not arrived by 10 pm unless prior arrangements have been made with us.

You are required to vacate the Spa Lodge by 10 am on the agreed day of departure.  Please note that a late stay charge of £50 will be incurred if you stay later than the departure time.

On the day of departure, please leave your Spa Lodge in a good state of cleanliness, including bins emptied in the relevant waste bin or recycling bins located by your Spa Lodge, sink, and fridge left clean and empty.  Many thanks for your help with this important matter.

Number in Party

We allow a maximum of 6 people (plus one baby/toddler in a travel cot) and 2 dogs per Spa Lodge. If maximum occupancy is exceeded, then two Spa Lodges must be booked. Group and single-sex bookings are welcome by Swallowfields, provided that noise levels are kept to a minimum between 10.00 pm and 8.00 am to respect the need for privacy and quiet by other guests.  Swallowfields is not suitable for stag or hen groups looking to play loud music and use our facilities for parties, whilst we also understand that not all single-sex groups are rowdy.  It should be noted that during school holidays Swallowfields is largely a family site. We would request that groups and same sex parties contact us in advance of your booking to discuss your needs to make sure that we are the right fit for your break.


Day visitors are welcome. In the interest of other guests, we limit the number of visitors to 2 per Spa Lodge. Please inform us of their arrival and contact details in advance to make parking arrangements and know who is on-site in the case of an emergency. All visitors must leave the site by 10 pm.


A maximum of 2 dogs per Spa Lodge is welcome, subject to you having previously booked and paid the £25 supplement per dog online. Dogs are the responsibility of their owners and must be kept under control and on a lead at all times. They must not be left unattended at any time, including your car. For obvious health and hygiene reasons, accidental fouling must be cleared up immediately and put in the dog waste bins provided.

Dogs must be microchipped (as required by law) and be up to date with their vaccinations for distemper, canine hepatitis, leptospirosis and parvovirus.


We regret the weather conditions are beyond our control and cannot refund any monies if you cancel your booking or reduce your stay due to the weather.


As our glampsite is a car-free area, all vehicles must be parked in the designated private guest car park.

Lead Booker Responsibility

As the person booking the holiday, you are responsible for all members of your party’s behaviour.

Noise and Behaviour

We are a low noise policy glamping site. A noise restriction applies from 10.00 pm until 8.00 am to respect others’ enjoyment and the local wildlife. This means no music, musical instruments, shouting, singing, or any significant noise that disturbs the stay of others. If you are sitting and chatting outside at night on your deck, around the fire pit or in the hot tub, please be aware that noise carries easily so, please keep voices to a low tone. You will be given two warnings throughout your stay, then you and your party will be asked to leave immediately. If you are planning to have a noisy party, then we are not the site for you.

Any behaviour that the management deems to be noisy, disruptive, anti-social, abusive towards staff or other guests, including wilful damage to the spa lodges, will not be tolerated. You will be asked to leave Swallowfields immediately. No refunds or compensation will be given in these instances, and we reserve the right to claim compensation for damages or inconvenience caused.

Use of Equipment and Facilities

We want all our guests to relax and enjoy the facilities available at Swallowfields in safety. When using any equipment or facilities, you must safeguard your own health and safety and other people. You will be solely responsible for any loss or injury that you cause to yourself, other persons or the equipment or facilities to the extent that it is caused through your unsafe or improper use of the equipment or facilities (including your use of them whilst under the influence of alcohol or medication) or your failure to advise staff of a medical condition relevant to your use of the equipment or facilities.

Please be aware that some of the guest equipment, including the fire pits, wood-burning stoves, and hot tubs may be hazardous if misused.  Use of the facilities and any other activity at Swallowfields is entirely at the and members of your party’s own risk.


Children remain the responsibility of parents and guardians in the Spa Lodges, on the glampsite and during activities. Please ensure that your children are supervised at all times, especially when using the glampsite facilities such as the adventure castle and nature hideout where there is a nature pond. Please refrain from allowing your children to use the adventure castle and nature hideout after 9.00 pm and abide by our low noise policy. If you notice that any equipment looks faulty and unsafe, please inform us as soon as possible.

Fire Safety

Fire Pits are provided for cooking and campfires but MUST not be left unattended, MUST be fully extinguished after use and MUST not be moved from their designated location.  Paraffin lamps and candles are not permitted.  The door on the log burner MUST be kept shut when in use.

Each Spa Lodge is fitted with a smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, fire extinguisher, fire blanket and a front and rear exit.

Hot Tubs

We know that you want to get the best use out of your hot tub and we want you to enjoy them. Swimwear is essential when using the hot tub and must be worn at all times.

For your own safety and enjoyment, please ensure you follow our safety guidelines:

  1. Use the toilet and shower before entering the hot tub
  2. Keep your head out of the water.
  3. Supervise children in and around the hot tub
  4. Please do not allow children under 4 years of age, and those unable to keep their head above the water level when sitting to use the hot tub. An adult must accompany bathers under 16
  5. Do not wear suntan lotions, spray tans or skin creams.
  6. Seek medical advice if you are receiving medical attention, have a long-term illness, are pregnant, or have a condition affected by heat, for example, a heart condition or high or low blood pressure.
  7. Do not use the hot tub after a heavy meal or under the influence of alcohol or sedatives.
  8. No food, glass, sharp objects, liquids, pets, bubble bath or oils allowed as these may result in the hot tub having to be drained
  9. You should get out of the tub if you start feeling unwell, uncomfortable, giddy or faint.
  10. Do not exceed 15 minutes’ immersion at a time and have a rest period between 10 and 20 minutes. Overuse will affect chemical balance and overall enjoyment
  11. Do not exceed the maximum number of bathers
  12. Please take care when getting in and out of the hot tub as the steps can be slippery when wet. Please keep your voice down after 10 pm and do not use the hot tub during a storm

The hot tub is drained, cleaned and refilled at each changeover, or each week if guests are staying longer. The hot tubs take over eight hours to get back up to the right temperature so it might not be up to temperature when you first arrive or for your first-night stay.  The pH and sanitiser levels are tested on a daily basis.


Smoking is permitted for E-cigarettes and Vapes ONLY and ONLY within your private garden.  Smoking is NOT permitted within the Spa Lodges and deck area and is NOT permitted within the rest of the site at Swallowfields. We would be grateful if you would respect this rule.

Spa Lodge Housekeeping and Maintenance

The Spa Lodge must be left in a clean and tidy condition. This includes any washing up, bins emptied in the relevant waste bin or recycling bin located outside the Spa Lodge, sink and fridge to be left clean and empty and for group bookings, equipment put back in the correct Spa Lodge.  Please note that if additional housekeeping and cleaning is required after your stay, a charge of £50 will be incurred.

Please make us aware of any breakages caused during your stay to replace items for the next guest.  Whilst we expect a degree of wear and tear, we reserve the right to charge you for any costs or expenses we incur due to any breakages.

We aim to carry out any maintenance and repairs on change over days. Still, should there be an emergency that we consider may pose a risk to our guests or staff’s health or safety, we reserve the right to carry out emergency maintenance work during your stay.  We will seek to ensure that any such facility or service is reinstated as soon as practicable.  In this instance, no refund or compensation will be given.

Damage to Swallowfields property

We reserve the right to charge individual guests or lead bookers for the cost of rectifying damage that has been caused by the accidental, deliberate, negligent or reckless acts of guests to the property or structure. If such damage is discovered during the stay, it will be drawn to the guest’s attention. Still, if discovered after guests have departed, we reserve the right to charge the guest’s credit/debit card or send an invoice for the costs for payment to the registered address. However, we will make every effort to rectify any damage internally before contracting specialists to make the repairs. Therefore, we will make every effort to keep any costs that guests would incur to a minimum.

Limitations of Liability 

All items brought into Swallowfields are brought and left entirely at your risk. Swallowfields, its staff and/or agents shall not be liable for any loss, damage or injury suffered by them or their property howsoever caused, save in respect of death or personal injury to the extent caused by the negligence of Swallowfields, its staff and/or agents. This is not intended to affect any mandatory rights you may have under local law that we cannot legally restrict or exclude.

We shall have no responsibility for loss, damage, or injury related to any services, features or facilities provided or supplied by third parties.  It would be best if you established separate arrangements with those third parties.


At Swallowfields, we do everything possible to create a positive holiday experience.  Should you have cause for complaint, please let us know immediately, and we will endeavour to resolve your issue as quickly as possible during your stay.

After your holiday, if you feel that your complaint is unresolved after addressing the issues during your stay, you must put your complaint in writing to us within 14 days of departure.  Please email your complaint to hello@swallowfieldsretreat.co.uk with the detail of your complaint.  Due to data protection, we can only discuss the complaint and booking details with the lead booker.

Once we have received your written complaint, we will work with you and endeavour to resolve your complaint within 14 days of receipt.  We have designed this process to make sure we can help you as quickly as possible.  Please assist us by following this process.  If you fail to do so, this may affect the timeline and outcome of the resolution offered.

Information about you

We are committed to keeping your Personal Information safe and confidential, both online and offline.  Please take time to read through our Privacy Policy to ensure you know how Swallowfields obtains and uses your information and how we keep it safe.


    Malvern has long been associated with healthy living, ever since it originated as a spa town. Many benefits have been linked to its spring water, as well as people. Charles Darwin, Queen Victoria and Florence Nightingale are all said to have enjoyed its therapeutic qualities.

    It’s a legacy that’s lived right on to this day and one we whole-heartedly embrace. Not only are we fortunate to be nestled at the bottom of the Malvern Hills, we live and breathe nature and its many benefits.

    There’s no pounding the treadmill at Swallowfields, just beautiful walks with wonderful vistas provided by nature. Come visit our retreat and enhance your wellbeing in the best way for you, from reading a book and taking naps in your own hammock, to cooking on a camp fire and enjoying in-lodge treatments. Our world awaits you…

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    Nothing beats a great family break! When you laugh so much your sides hurt and enjoy yourself so much, you’re thinking, talking (and giggling) about it for many weeks to come.

    Swallowfields is geared up for families. You’ll find that all of our spa lodges, which easily sleep six people, are located on a child-friendly site. There are also plenty of things for the whole family to see and do too.

    Take a wander in our lovely wildflower meadow, toast marshmallows on the camp fire, explore the Malvern Hills and beyond and check out our Adventure Castle and Nature Hideout! You can even bring the dog too!

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    You just bring yourself, we’ll point you in the direction of the action! And there’s lots of it!

    Maybe you want to challenge yourself and try something different, like kayaking or caving, or perhaps you want to practice your favourite hobby, such as climbing, mountain biking or hiking?

    There are lots of things to do all around Swallowfields and, when you’re back at your lodge, there’s a relaxing hot tub waiting for you.

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    We’re animal-lovers here at Swallowfields and we understand that your dog is a big part of your family, so why leave them behind?

    They’ll be right at home in our pet-friendly spa lodges. There’s oodles of room for them, their bed, bowls and fave toy! All that we ask, is that you keep them on a lead when walking around on-site and don’t leave them unattended.

    For just £25 per dog, per stay* you can make sure the entire family get their hands (and paws) on our wonderful glamping experience! Oh, and don’t forget to ask us about our complimentary doggie essentials pack too!

    * Maximum of two dogs per lodge

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