We love dogs too!

Dogs aren’t called man’s best friend for nothing, which is why they’re more than welcome here.

All of our guests are welcome to bring up to two dogs with them because, being the animal-lovers that we are, that’s right, you’ve guessed it, our safari lodges are fully kitted out for pooches too!

In fact, our part of the world couldn’t be better suited for dogs. There are dog-friendly pubs, attractions and more unspoilt countryside than you can shake a leg at, which means plenty of places to go for wonderfully long walks and millions of opportunities for little Fido or Fluffy to chase their tails and stretch their legs!


No more kennels

Our pet-friendly safari lodges are all geared up for you and your dog(s). Not only are they nice and spacious inside, they all have secure private gardens, so you don’t need to worry about your furry friend making a mad dash for it!

With luxury dog beds, snuggly blankets, bowls, treats, and even poo bags provided as standard, we’ve made every effort to make sure you, and your dog, feel right at home.


Doggie heaven

The Malvern Hills and dogs are made for each other. The good news is, we’re just 5 minutes away from them.

There are leaves to gambol in, bugs and creatures to sniff out, all sorts of places to dig, so many sticks to grab and miles-upon miles of woodland walks to explore. If there ever was a holiday for taking a dog along, this is it.

Fancy a day trip where dogs are not permitted? Our local pet sitter can provide a dog sitting service in the comfort of your lodge.

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Paw-some pampering

You deserve a treat and we’re sure your four-legged friend does too, pooch-style! They’ll receive their own complimentary welcome pack, including a bed, bowls, blanket, poo bags and even treats when they arrive.

They can even enjoy a taste of their own spa experience at our new dog spa station. No more bathtime tantrums!

And you can make them feel extra special by treating them to our pampered pooch treats stocked in our on-site shop.



Swallowfields is so relaxing you might find it hard to leave, but if you do venture further afield, there are lots to see and do in the surrounding area…

Explore The Local Area


Head to local attractions, such as Eastnor Castle, picnic on Castlemorton Common or simply take in the beauty of the stunning Malvern Hills. See you there!

food & drink

Food & Drink

Cook over the campfire, treat yourself to one of our tasty organic ready meals or take a wander to the local pub for a good old hearty meal. Yum, yum!

Hang Gliding


Go biking or canoeing, paddleboarding or hiking, explore our Nature Hideout or stay on-site, play a board game, watch TV, or treat yourself to a luxurious spa treatment. What’s first?

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