Our Guide to Beating the January Blues

Just like that, Christmas has come and gone, and whilst the New Year promises a fresh start and new opportunities, it can also bring with it new challenges. After the excitement of the festive season has passed and we begin January by returning to work, some of us may be experiencing a slight comedown. To help soften the blow, we’ve put together our guide to beating those January blues and prioritise your mental health. Keep reading to discover more…

Get Involved in the Malvern Walking Festival

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One of the very best ways to beat those pesky January blues is to get outside, blow away the cobwebs, and breathe in some fresh countryside air. Exercise has been proven to boost mental health, releasing endorphins and serotonin which improve your mood. So, why not get involved in the Malvern Walking Festival, running from Saturday 25th May – Sunday 2nd June 2024?

You can take part in a wide range of guided walks, with up to 70 routes varying in distance and difficulty. With everything from short, local strolls to long distance, multi-day walks, and a choice of morning, afternoon, evening, and all-day walks, there really is something for everyone. Each walk is themed, with previous themes including history and archaeology, geology and quarrying, nature and botany, and brewing and cider.
All walks are graded from gentle to strenuous, so you’ll know what you’re letting yourself in for before you begin. For the fit and energetic, there’s the ever popular The Malvern Hills: End to End and Back, and the 31-mile Worcestershire Way in a Day. For those who want to take it a bit easier, there’s Malvern’s Marvellous Trees and the Hanley Nature Reserve Stroll; two leisurely walks where you can admire the spectacular countryside at your own pace.

Read the Ultimate Uplifting Books on Positive Mental Wellbeing

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Another fantastic way to help keep the January blues at bay is to delve into a book on maintaining positive mental health and wellbeing. Get an insight into how your mind works, particularly in the winter season when Seasonal Affective Disorder (appropriately shortened to SAD) has an impact on so many people. Here are some of the best books to open up this month…

1) The Comfort Book by Matt Haig

The Comfort Book is Matt Haig’s life raft: it’s a collection of notes, lists, and stories written over a span of several years that originally served as gentle reminders to Haig’s future self that things are not always as dark as they may seem. Incorporating a diverse array of sources from across the world, history, science, and his own experiences, Haig offers warmth and reassurance, reminding us to slow down and appreciate the beauty and unpredictability of existence.

2) Ten Times Calmer: Beat Anxiety and Change Your Life by Dr Kirren Schnack

Dr Kirren Schnack is here to tell you that your anxiety isn’t here to stay. Whether you’re going through something and need support to feel like yourself again, or if you have been dealing with anxious thoughts for a long time, Ten Times Calmer offers the help you’ve been looking for.

Not everyone has access to therapy and not everyone needs it, but we could all do with a little more calm in our lives. These ten chapters cover everything from dealing with anxious thoughts and stress to managing uncertainty and safely tackling trauma – each taking you a step closer to an anxiety-free life.

3) Good Vibes, Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness by Vex King

Join the self-love revolution with visionary writer Vex King and discover inspirational messages and universal wisdom to help you manifest positive vibes. Vex overcame adversity to become a source of hope for thousands of young people, and now draws from his personal experience and his intuitive wisdom to inspire you to practise self care, overcome toxic energy, prioritise mental wellbeing, and much more. In this book, Vex will show you that when you change the way you think, feel, speak and act, you begin to change the world.

4) Winter Blues: Everything You Need to Know to Beat Seasonal Affective Disorder by Norman E. Rosenthal

If you’ve been suffering with SAD this winter, picking up this book is the first step toward feeling more energised, productive, and alive, all year long. Dr. Norman E. Rosenthal’s engaging, compassionate style and rich store of scientific wisdom have made this trusted guide a perennial bestseller. Dr. Rosenthal explains how to evaluate your own level of seasonality and get the most out of light boxes and other effective self-help options.

5) The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking

The Danish art of hygge has been recognised as the magic ingredient to Denmark being one of the happiest nations in the world. Also known as “cosiness of the soul”, hygge is about creating an atmosphere where you can let your guard down and relax. Embrace the concept and share warming food with friends, curl up with a loved one, or sip a hot drink with The Little Book of Hygge, and discover the many methods to achieving comfort and contentment.

Book a Relaxing Stay in the Malvern Hills with Swallowfields

There’s no question that one of the best ways to beat those January blues is to start making plans for 2024, and what could be better than a stay at Swallowfields? Our stunning safari lodges are decked out to the nines with everything you could possibly need for a gorgeous glamping getaway, boasting vibrant decorations to bring real warmth and heart to your experience. With our Meadow Spa lodge, you can truly relax and feel the worries of the world simply melt away in an idyllic setting surrounded by birdsong – and what’s more, you can even book yourself a spa treatment if you want to pamper yourself completely. What more could you ask for? Book your inspiring stay at Swallowfields and beat those January blues today!


    Malvern has long been associated with healthy living, ever since it originated as a spa town. Many benefits have been linked to its spring water, as well as people. Charles Darwin, Queen Victoria and Florence Nightingale are all said to have enjoyed its therapeutic qualities.

    It’s a legacy that’s lived right on to this day and one we wholeheartedly embrace. Not only are we fortunate to be nestled at the foot of the Malvern Hills, we live and breathe nature and its many benefits.

    There’s no pounding the treadmill at Swallowfields, just beautiful walks with wonderful vistas provided by nature. Come visit our retreat and enhance your wellbeing in the best way for you, from reading a book and taking naps in your own hammock to cooking on a campfire and enjoying spa treatments. Our world awaits you…

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    Nothing beats a great family break! When you laugh so much your sides hurt and enjoy yourself so much, you’re thinking, talking (and giggling) about it for many weeks to come.

    Swallowfields is geared up for families. You’ll find that all of our safari lodges, which easily sleep six people, are located on a child-friendly site. There are also plenty of things for the whole family to see and do too.

    Take a wander in our lovely wildflower meadow, toast marshmallows on the camp fire, explore the Malvern Hills and beyond and check out our Adventure Castle and Nature Hideout! You can even bring the dog too!

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    You just bring yourself, we’ll point you in the direction of the action! And there’s lots of it!

    Maybe you want to challenge yourself and try something different, like paddleboarding or kayaking, or perhaps you want to practice your favourite hobby, such as mountain biking or hiking?

    There are lots of things to do all around Swallowfields and, when you’re back at your lodge, there’s a relaxing hot tub waiting for you.

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    We’re animal-lovers here at Swallowfields and we understand that your dog is a big part of your family, so why leave them behind?

    They’ll be right at home in our pet-friendly safari lodges. There’s oodles of room for them, their bed, bowls and fave toy! All that we ask, is that you keep them on a lead when walking around on-site and don’t leave them unattended.

    For just £25 per dog, per stay*, you can make sure the entire family get their hands (and paws) on our wonderful glamping experience! Oh, and don’t forget to ask us about our complimentary doggie essentials pack too!

    * Maximum of two dogs per lodge

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